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Corney & Barrow Bars proudly support the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust.

A charity with its roots firmly in the City, it supports disadvantaged and marginalised children in the UK and across the globe by providing grassroots projects and partner organisations with targeted funding to ensure the greatest possible impact and longevity. Over the past five years the trust has worked with more than 50 projects in India, Africa, South-East Asia, Bolivia and the UK. It was founded by Nick & Kara Lawson in the name of their son Angus Lawson after they lost him just before his 2nd birthday so that other children would benefit from his life.

Our current chosen charity under the ALMT umbrella is Siblings Together. Its aim to help young people in care initiate and continue to have contact with their siblings, helping them to develop strong family bonds and above all achieve an independent and positive place in society supported by their sibling relationships.

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Last year’s we raised over £7000 for the Footsteps Foundation, a charity which provides financial assistance to families in need of support, enabling children with cerebral palsy and other neuromotor disorders to access the Footsteps therapy programme and benefit from specialist equipment whilst at home.

C&B’s biggest fund-raising initiative is our December promotion. Members of the team encourage customers in our bars to add £1 to their final bill, this raised over £8000 in 2013 and over £5000 in 2014. Other fundraising activities include the annual ‘Duck Derby’ held at C&B Exchange Square during which customers place £5 bets on their rubber duck racing to victory down the waterfall.

We’re more at home pouring pints than pounding pavements but in the name of a good cause we’ve also participated in the BUPA London 10k run and some of the extra sporty members of our team are currently training for a Tough Mudder in September 2016.

Tough Mudder

For those that haven’t heard of Tough Mudder, it’s a 20km military style obstacle course. Not only is the course just short of a half marathon but it involves obstacles with terrifying names such as ‘Arctic Enema’ ‘Electroshock Therapy’ and ‘Everest 2.0’. It’s not for the faint hearted and we’re all going to have to put the hours into training to make it to the end in one piece.

Click here to find out more about what kind of torture we’ve got in store.

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