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Our menu is inspired by quality, simplicity and seasonality.

Working with excellent suppliers, such as Aubrey Allen, H. Forman & Son and Harvey & Brockless, we are committed to using ingredients that are sourced as locally and responsibly as possible.

The result is honest, unfussy food prepared the way it should be. Classic dishes and flavours built around great British ingredients. From root to tip.

Bringing the best suppliers and finest ingredients to the table.

Our Meat

Aubrey Allen Supplies all our beef, pork, lamb and chicken. Established in 1933, they are a family-run business (and Royal Warrant holder) renowned for their uncompromising commitment to the good provenance and exceptional quality of their produce.

Our Fish

H. Forman & Son supplies all our fish products. They are an artisan salmon smokehouse located on the aptly titled Fish Island in London’s East End. It is Britain’s oldest original salmon curer and one of the world’s oldest existing producers of smoked salmon.

Our Cheese

Harvey & Brockless supplies all our cheese products. They are a speciality fine food company well known for their expertise in the dairy sector. They connect us with some of the best traditional cheesemakers in the business.